Alternative and Holistic Health


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I receive amazing results from every treatment Holly gives me. Each time I am able to release tensions with Holly’s knowledge of CranialSacral Therapy. It really is a wonderful feeling which is part of my well being emotionally and physically.
— Charlotte Lee
My husband and I have been receiving CranioSacralTtherapy for several years. My husband Doug is paralyzed (quadriplegic). He finds the therapy helps with the pain and spasms he frequently gets. I find as a care giver the therapy helps me relax so I can deal with the day to day routine. The therapy offered by Flow to Healing has been very beneficial.
— -Doug and Carol Allen
I’ve been seeing Holly on a weekly basis since she opened her office in November of 2014. I attend regularly in order to maintain my health because I feel great results every time. This therapy is amazing! I have M.S. and my symptoms and pains can be numerous and bizarre at times. I’ve tried massage therapy, chiropractic treatments and acupuncture throughout the years and CranioSacral Therapy beats them all for me. It’s an extremely gentle therapy that eases my aches and pains every time. My children and husband have also been seeing Holly whenever they’ve had physical ailments and she’s been a great help to them as well. Holly sure knows her stuff and I know that we’re in very capable hands with her. I would highly recommend that everyone try a treatment at least once to see what it is and how it can help you. I know that you’ll walk away wondering why you didn’t try it sooner!
— Sylvie Nickerson Huntsville, ON
I visited Holly, at Flow To Healing shortly after spraining my wrist in a fall. Holly worked on my hand, wrist and arm. The pain and bruising were reduced within 24 hours, after a second appointment my wrist felt almost completely healed! I tell all my friends to give this type of work a try, I know it worked for me.
— Bev C.
Holly has helped me tremendously. I work a highly demanding physical job, and whenever I have a problem, whether it be an injury or general fatigue, Holly is my go to person to help me get back on track. Even when feeling good, I’m grateful to book an appointment for general health, wellness and rejuvenation.
— Carmen Theobald
I am so happy I found my way to Holly. She has been able to help me with my symptoms of dizziness and hearing issues caused by Meniere’s Disease. While conventional medicine offered little in the way of relief from my
symptoms, with Holly’s therapy, the severity and frequency of my symptoms have lessened. I feel that with her help,
I finally have some control over this chronic condition.
— Gwen G.